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    The Chiefton Tribe spans across the globe – from Colorado to Germany, to California and Ireland and beyond! Our love for the greatest plant in the world is the force that brings us together. Chiefton fans have shared on Instagram their favorite Chiefton Supply Co. gear. Just click an image & you'll be launched over to its featured product's shop page!

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    @izzy_blazee @jordan.bentle
    @dabbledeedabbledum-harmony grower
    @izzy_blazee leafs t shirt
    Hamsa Tank
    @bruvs cannabist strapback
    sandlot strapback in humboldt county redwoods
    chiefton antlers sticker
    ganjagirlbecca hamsa hand tank top
    dab denver payless gifts
    hamsa Insta: @thehashbunny
    @huntzddabs710 greetings from chieftown colorado
    @ganjagirlbecca and @jessica_dabbit
    Chiefton Supply in Copenhagen Denmark Totem pole tee
    Elevated marijuana strapback
    lil jon wearing the cannabist hat with randy jackson and andre 3000
    denver d-town t-shirt at red rocks tailgate
    The Cannabist strapback and chiefton supply conscious roots shirt
    chiefton supply marijuana leaf colorado flag snapback
    emmalee hyde chiefton supply antlers t shirt
    stoned owl cannabis feathers weed shirt
    happy camper sativa indica shirt
    The Cannabist strapback and a cone joint in rocky mountain national park
    The Cannabist and Chiefton Supply at 420 Rally
    chiefton supply dreamcatcher dolman and campfire raglan
    chiefton supply headdress raglan
    chiefton supply freebird 2 weed shirt
    womens dreamcatcher raglan womens weed leaf shirt
    chiefton supply rolling papers and bear snapback
    chiefton supply headdress snapback on bikini girl
    dave nardone of chiefton supply wearing the stoney owl t shirt
    lincoln budbeard nugbeard weed shirt
    chiefton fan from ireland smoking joint in headdress raglan
    chiefton supply co headdress weed shirt in new york
    Chiefton supply co headdress original
    arrowhead t shirt high country weed hoodie