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    Chiefton Design - Cannabis Graphic Design and Branding

    Chiefton Design - Cannabis Graphic Design and Branding

    CHIEFTON DESIGN is a cannabis branding and design agency based in Denver Colorado. Originating from a graphic driven apparel line, Chiefton has recently entered the design consultation market with a bang. From the start of 2016, Chiefton Design has grown to work with an array of organizations within the cannabis industry. Emerging cultivation facilities, dispensaries, magazines, news organizations, distribution companies and extraction labs make up the current spread.


    At Chiefton, we believe in concept driven artwork and unique marketing campaigns. We started with the apparel line in the summer of 2015 and the goal was the simple. Produce graphic tees that connected with the awakened community of cannabis consumers. Get away from illicit imagery and aggressive prints that appeal to the counter culture. We made shirts with prints such as, “Happy Camper” and “Mile High Life” to make a statement with retailers. The response was positive. People understood the vision and wanted a piece for their own organization. 

    There are too many dull pot shops and companies that are getting lost in the mix. Over usage of tongue-in-cheek medical references like “Wellness and Remedies” are all too common. And the level of “Green Washing” in cannabis branding is through the roof, “Greenthis, Greeneverything. We get it, weed is green and the uneducated tourists will flock to the closet lit up green cross. But is it necessary?

    We believe in brands that want to tell a story. Brands that take pride in their product, their people and their existence. Whether it’s a dispensary that has 6 other stores within a square mile and wonders everyday, how can I compete? Or an emerging extraction facility who just wants to provide consistent quality products at affordable rates. We connect with passion driven businessmen and women in the cannabis industry. So much, we only work with cannabis related organizations. Constantly pulling from methods we put into practice everyday with our apparel line, Chiefton Supply Co., we bring innovative design and marketing solutions to the table.

    The MJ industry may be rapidly expanding, but it still feels small to us. Being connected to a bigger organization like, General Cannabis, we can provide a suite of services other marketing agencies cannot. We treat clients like family and makes bonds that last. We bring their brand into our network and make it happen just as if it was a new project for our apparel line. Sometimes we even find ourselves committing more time to other organizations than we do our own. Chiefton Design is here to help cannabis organizations that want to break the mold and make a play for the long term. Give us a shout. We would love to show you how our passion for cannabis design can transform your business. ---->